Our second session of meetings reflect the feedback that we had from our first year
 and to continue our aim to provide “places for those involved with the Technology
of the moving image
(and what surrounds it) to have informal discussions”
then partake in a lecture/ discussion.

We are also, as last year, meeting “where People work” – we are grateful to the Organisations
who provide the room and also those companies who provide the funding for the refreshments
 and to support other SMPTE UK section activities.

In our London meetings we have a number of themes
– looking to the future – Of video in the home, and of Broadcast Television. 
We have a flavour of the use of IP systems in what we do – whether it is news gathering or the studio – and the SMPTE regional Seminar – a 1 day event of intensive knowledge sharing in London and Salford during February .. 
We cover the whole content chain – from Cameras through Studios to Projection and home viewing.

We also have two opportunities to look at our industries –
Firstly a viewpoint from the younger member of our industries
(with reflections from some of the industry leaders),
Then an Open mic evening where you can come and share you views with your colleagues.

Outside London we have meetings with an IBC Theme in Southampton, Salford Cambridge and Birmingham  – with further events being organised for and in the communities there.

We also are addressing those further afield and the Universities by Streaming one London
meeting over Janet the joint academic network
– so that the departments of media technology and the members of NaSTA can also
take part in our activities.

All our monthly meetings are open to all and no charge
– but SMPTE member will get details of member’s only visits and preferential booking for meetings and discounts on SMPTE and other events & conferences


We hope to see you at one or more of our meetings – and greet you and your colleagues




Post code

W 25 Sept 13

The history  of the ARRI Alexa 
..... in memory of Bill Lovell

W12 7TQ

T 3 Oct 13

A flavour of IBC – more, faster, better pixels


SO14 0YN

W 16 Oct 13

The business of Broadcasting and media - how is it engineered??

CB22 4WL

 Th 17 Oct 13

 Sky studios Two years on....


W  6 Nov 13

(IP) Network news


Mon 11 Nov 13

The role of apps and video on-demand in the future of television


Th 21 Nov 13

First years in our industries  (streamed)

SE10 0EW

Th  12 Dec 13

The Future of Video – Project Fresco





Wed 22 Jan 14

The Past and Future of Theatric Projection



Tu 11 Feb 14

Digital Media: Production to Distribution Using IP
   Regional Seminar


Wed 12 Feb 14

Digital Media: Production to Distribution Using IP


Mon 17 Feb 14

HDR -it is here how can get it into our work?

Launch of Birmingham Cluster

B4 7XG

Th 20 Feb 14

Open Mic evening


Th 20 Mar 14

Business Intelligence in Broadcasting


Th 17 Apr 14

Time Labelling, Synchronisation and the IP Studio

W12 7SB

Tu 13 May 14 Members Visit _ University of Essex CO4 3SQ

Th 15 May 14

International Lecture
The Future of Broadcast Television


Th 19 Jun 14

Broadcasting to British Armed Forces 




And our last year 2012-3

Cluster meetings in Southampton   Salford after Easter 2014 will announced after NAB


We encourage those who are attending to register promptly for meeting
-this ensures we will have space for you. 
If you have registered and cannot attend –please cancel      (Instructions
By doing this you may be freeing up a place for someone else to attend