Meetings are at the heart of what SMPTE is and so SMPTE UK section holds meetings
wherever there are cluster of members as well as the Monthly meetings in London-  
with a theme of "meeting where members work".

 The UK covers all aspects of media technology – and thus the speakers 
we invite cover a wide range of subjects – but always with a very practical approach.

Evening meetings are just that – a time for people across our industries to come together and meet over
"ample refreshments" - and then hear and discuss with speakers matters of importance.
Most of our meetings start at about 18h15 with a gathering over Ample refreshments
– so that we can meet each other
– particularly   to introduce those new to our industries
and we then move to the formal business at 19h00- 
we hope to be winding up discussion just after 20h30.

In 2017 we also list the meetings of the  Student Chapters - and key NaSTA meetings
- if you want to attend these you need to contact the oragansiser.

SMPTE UK section has two continuing themes during this yaer -

  • Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) ST2067
    - particularly the work being done by DPP and SMPTE for a broadcast specification


  • ST2110 Studio Video over IP - a suite of standards
    - and the surrounding standards of PTP -ST2059 and AES67, and the NMOS specifications


Those Section meetings  open for registration have hyperlinks to their own page
where you can read the synopsis and further details. Please Register Promptly

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Sunday 17 Sept Mastering for Broadcast - What does IMF offer us?  13h30-14h15 IBC Elicium
Sunday 17 Sept Sharing and acquiring fundamental knowledge – meeting the challenge 17h00 -17h45 IBC Elicium
Monday 18 Sept SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media over Managed IP Networks 14h00 to 17h00 IBC FORUM
Weds 20- Sat 23 Sept SMPTE Standards meeting TW7 5QD,
Thursday 28 Sept IMF on the fast track to a broadcast specification   WC1X 8HF
Tuesday 3 Oct North IMF and Student recruitment  
Tuesday 10 Oct The Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) —
a thing of dark mystery, or one of simple beauty?
Thursday 12 Oct South Introduction to our Industries  and Student recruitment SO14 0YN
Thursday19 Oct ST 2110 SE10 0EW
Monday 23 Oct BCU  
  Nov North LA1-Tv winner of NaSta Technology award  
Thursday 9 Nov Bill Lovell Memorial Lecture  Peter Weitzel WC2R 2LS
Thursday 16 Nov AES67 audio over IP within SMPTE ST-2110 GU2 7XH
Friday 17 Nov RTS Thames Valley Dinner Dance  
Tuesday 30 Nov South ST2110 DASH etc  
Tuesday 12 Dec Clouded Vision – can the public cloud replace traditional broadcast infrastructure? Cambridge
Thursday 14 Dec Managing Colour and Contrast in an HDR World W1D 4AP
Thursday 11 Jan Remote Production over IP networks W1T 4JZ
Tuesday 5 Feb North SAM  
Tuesday Thursday 27 28 Feh 1 March BVE E16 1XL
Tuesday 6 March South HDR TV Cmareas ?  
Tuesday 13 March Further adventures in the world of IP: SMPTE2110 and NMOS IP1 1DX
Wednesday 16 March ST2110 joint with RTS TVC - RG31 4UQ
Thursday 22 March BBC R&D -
Someday all content will be made this way
W12 7SB.
Tuesday 17 April North  
Thursday 19 April IMF - the SMPTE specification for Broadcasters and Digital media  
Tuesday 24 April South St2110  
Thursday 10 May International Lecture - Film Topic WC2H 8NU
Tuesday 15 May Building Products for IP installations CB22 4WL
Wednesday 6 June IMF joint with RTS TVC RG31 4UQ
Tuesday 12 June South sats ?Summer Visit  
Thursday 14 June  Summer Visit  
Thursday 21 June  Summer Visit  
Thursday 28 June Summer Visit  
July Provisional date HPA Tech Retreat UK OX7 5UE