NaSTA conference presentations

NaSTA Logo NaSTA the  The National Student Television Association, is  a representative body designed and governed by student television for student television.
Student Television itself has been active in the UK since 1964.

SMPTE UK is providing the funding for the NaSTA technology award and
is  providing   technical help for those who are operating Television
as they study ANY  subject and to show the range of skills knowledge
and experience required across the media industries.   

SMPTE members have spoken at NaSTA conferences and encourages NaSTA members to view the presentations

2014   SMPTE at BVE 14  Including How to become a Broadcast Engineer

2015  the meeting at LUSTV  one 9 November 2015   "Review of IBC15 "

2016 Leeds Conference 16  - less technical - metadata and specifications  More Technical- UHD HDR etc and IP  

2017 Birmingham Conference  Metadata and how not to loose your programmes for production staff
and for the techies Video over IP from analogue to ST2110

2018 Sheffield Conference  Objects and Remote Production for the less techies
And for the real techies ST2110 / NMOS  and IMF

2019 Nottingham Conference  Essential  future technolgy (and the past) 
-for the Less Techies/ Production
and  Past tech and the Technology of your future for the real Techies

2020 Salford Conference rescheduled
Current future tech and opportunities   for production noin Techies 
Current future tech and opportunities   for real  Techies

Also see the reports from SMPTE UK meetings

And remember to keep up to date with SMPTE webcasts 
and look at  BBC R&D blog, - its not just for techies
and Bruces Shorts

This presentation gives a overvewi of both Audio and Video over IP

The  BBC Academy is a deep mine of valuable information including  H&S

And you can gain more from  The Broadcast Knowledge  and from The Broadcast Bridge

There was a good reveiw of what the Industries look like in the last section of This lecture
So you can postition your job applications......

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