SMPTE has three strands to its activity: - education membership and standards – thus it is very appropriate that SMPTE worldwide encourages those who are studying in the areas of the engineering or technology of moving images and the associated audio and metadata.

SMPTE members have always recognised the need to encourage and support students
– and thus thanks to Bill Miller -a distinguished and long serving member of SMPTE - 
offers Students their first year of membership free. 
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In the UK there are relatively few universities who have course exclusively for “Broadcast Engineering” students – but it has many students for whom a connection to SMPTE can help their understanding and future career opportunities.

In today’s more technical world those who are studying the more creative courses – such as Film making - need an understanding of how their content can be edited, distributed and viewed.

  • The SMPTE provides access to the communities who are making the film TV and new media and delivering it to audiences.

Those who are studying courses which do have a large element of Media technology within them –

  • The SMPTE UK section can provide members to link to the current and future practise on the industries and to enough students to set up their own group- Student chapter and provide support for younger members.

SMPTE’s new UK section is trying to form links with the staff members who run the courses as well as connecting with individual students. Those departments who want to make a link contact Hon Sec.

But many of those doing technical work in the UK's innovative media industries studied technical subjects – and satisfied their interests in Television by being part of a University Society affiliated to NaSTA.  

  • SMPTE UK Section recognises   that many of the best engineers and technologists had enthusiasms for the media before they went to university to study a non-media subject – and thus wants to support those who may convert their hobby into a fruitful career.   
    Thus we offer (free) Student membership for NaSTA members - and thus connect with those how have provided the innovation in the Industry much of which started at or before university.

And finally there may be those studying technical subjects who do not have a student TV service
– SMPTE UK section welcomes these as well – and look to making engineering and technology students  aware though the IET.

SMPTE UK offers Students access to all the services that a Member can access – at a subscription of $10 – under £7 a year - to receive the monthly Motion Imaging Journal – both in print and online – and access to its back issues from 1916. 

A SMPTE student member can access all the services any SMPTE member can - including preferential treatment at meetings and events – as we feel  that face to face meeting is important – or to webinars and other training .. And access to members worldwide. 
- so why delay - join now

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The students first year of membership is free
thanks to the initiative of Bill Miller and SMPTE members.

Academic staff should contact us  to find out how SMPTE members can help you and your students. 
SMPTE Publishing offers educational rates for access to our Digital Library  - almost 100 years of the leading papers on Film and Television engineering and application.
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SMPTE UK Section is also setting up a support network for those who have recently Graduated..............  details to come