The Technical and Operational Team

The First Years in our Industries meeting is being streamed over the internet.

SMPTE UK is grateful to the Events Engineering Class and their Tutor Martyn Gates for providing all the technical facilities and operations for the evening.

SMPTE UK also wishes to the Janet the Joint Academic Network for providing internet streaming servers.  And to Martin Uren Subject Leader in Broadcast Technology at Ravensbourne .


Engineering Manager: Joel McNamara

Technical Manager: Daniel Sophianos


Director: Nojan Jadidi

Floor Managers: Evan McClintock and Will McDonald


Audio: Charlie Land, Dan Regan, Evan McClintock, Lee Hulse and Will McDonald

Camera Operators: Bhupinder Singh, Kieren Sleight, Mark Ewens and Rosie McNamee

Vision Mixer: Fredrick Addo

Senior Streaming Engineer:  Sean Mehmet

Streaming, QC, PRES & Monitoring: Aidan Flanagan and Olateju Famuyiwa

Media Asset Management: Nojan Jadidi & Ryan Hurt

On Screen Graphics: Matthew Hilliam & Ryan Hurt

Technical Support: Ahmad Bhatti, Chris Baxter, Olly Plumstead and Tim Rahman

Lighting: Ally Macfarlane, Evan McClintock and Nojan Jadidi 

Lines: Aidan Flanagan, Matthew Hilliam and Ryan Hurt

Runners: Francesca Cook and Gus Barrett




The Streaming codec is provided by Techex

Some Microphones and Comms kit by Procam