UK Section Guide to UK Managers

This page  outlines what is expected of a Manager of the section and how the running of the section is planned to minimise the amount of hassle and timely activities….. As we all have very busy lives outside SMPTE.

The role is defined by the Membership Operations Manual  (OM) - and these notes just add to and explain aspects on how the UK Section operates. At all time the OM take precedence


The Chairman and Hon sec/ treasurer have the heaviest work load – but in simple terms the Chairman is the more of a figure head  but has ultimate responsibility for section operation – and the Hon sec/ Treasurer the managing director who usually helps out with all aspects of the running of the section.

A manager or a committee members is expected to

  • Attend all (most) Board meetings 5 or 6 time a year most by conference calls
  • Produce  at least one meeting a year
  • Liaise with one Student chapter or NaSTA
  • Attend SMPTE meetings and  industry events to promote SMPTE UK
  •  Take a few Roles to ensure the smooth running of the Section
  • Occasionally help out on ad hoc activities. E.g Nomination committee
  • Provide wisdom and views from different points of the industries SMPTE serves.

 This is probably  about a dozen set evenings or lunchtimes per year and allow a bit of time each week  to do things at a time which suits you – how much and how timely depend on the role.

Board meetings

The board of managers are accountable to the Board of Governors of SMPTE for the governance and conduct of the section.  The managers serve a two year term and are elected by the membership at large. 
In order to run the section the board appoints members to the committee to fill roles or provide specialist advice-

The length of service expected for The Chairman is 2 to 3 years and the Secretary  about 5 years
managers and committee members  typically serve up to two 2-year terms.
It is considered useful to have new members of the board who are working and represent the span of ages and industries. 

The board meets at agreed dates to conduct typical business

• Early October  - Review the coming year – outline activities for next calendar year (plus)  Agree  Budget for the year sent to HO. 

• Late November –review activities to date and for next year (+/- 3months) - set up Nomination committee and correct Budget if required .
this meeting coincide with Exec director Visits to London

• Jan/ February – Review activities so far and back office functions. Confirm Nominations

• April/ May – Informally welcome new board/committee members set outline of meetings and activities. Start thinking about Budget 

• Late June –formally welcome new members , review the operational year  and look at Strategy matters , say farewell to retiring members, and outline Budget to be done over summer by officers. Agree most of next year meetings.

The Operational year runs from 1 September to 31 August - with meetings October to June
financial year 1 January to 31 December and the Board / Committee service from “May/ June” to “May/ June “.

Generally to facilitate discussion and consideration the board/Committee will determine direction at the meeting before a formal decision has to be made.

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