Within the UK there are five Universities which contain a Student Chapter - these together with NaSTA- Provide the means by which students can find out more about current topics in the industries and members can learn what the students are learning and the skills and aspirations they have.

Each Chapter works independently – under the guidance  of a Student Advisor - a members on the staff – with support with the UK section leaders  in the locality and centrally.

Sean Lancastle at Bristol University coordinates the activities of the Student chapters in the UK and the Student advisors with those across the world.


As the term starts the universities are providing brief views of their courses and what the student  chapters are doing


Birmingham City University


Student Advisor  Jerry Foss




Student Advisor Martyn Gates


University of Salford


Student Advisor  Laurence Murphy


Southampton Solent University

The Media Technology Programme at Southampton Solent University is proud to host one of the first SMPTE Student Chapters in the UK. We are committed to producing high-calibre, media-aware technologists for sound, vision and acoustic industries.

The programme comprises a range of BSc, BEng and MSc courses:

BSc (Hons) Film and Television Production Technology  |  BSc (Hons) Video and Streaming Technology  |  BSc (Hons) Live Sound Technology  |  BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering  |  BSc (Hons) Music Technology  |  BSc (Hons) Sound for Film, TV and Games  |  BEng (Hons) Acoustics  |  BEng (Hons) Audio and Acoustic Engineering  |  MSc Applied Audio Engineering

The programme originated from maritime communications courses and has been running for over 20 years. Our commitment to practical experience has resonated well and allowed us to make firm industry contacts; these contacts have kept us relevant as well as providing the students with fantastic opportunities.

We also have some great facilities onsite, including studios, Foley booths, laboratories, an Outside Broadcast production vehicle, a virtual reality lab, a digital cinema with Dolby Atmos and anechoic chambers. Take a virtual tour here.

Student Advisor  Paul Bourne


University of Surrey


Student Advisor  Alan Haigh

Chair  Francis Cousins (first year F&TPT)

Sec Treasurer Matt Garrett (First Year Tonmeister and Stag tv)