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Section Meeting
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 19:00 to 21:00
Theatre One - Technicolor Services
49 Ontario Street
M5A 2V1 Toronto, ON
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Digital technology continues to push change in the film industry. This is evident with Kodak’s recent challenges and with the closing of all the film labs in Toronto and most of Canada. From content acquisition through to the distribution network the move to the digital platform is all around this industry. Tonight you will hear from industry leaders discussing how the move to digital has assisted or hindered the creative and creation process for Film and Television production workflows.

Brian Reid, Technical Operations Manager, Technicolor
Brian will discuss the advancements in digital color space. Camera technologies from
manufacturers such as Red, Arri, Sony, and Canon all offer different recording / output formats.
Brian will talk about Technicolor’s CineStyle, color conversions, LUT’s and what can happens
when you mix them and also introduce linear materials into the workflow. He will also talk
briefly about how moving from film log space to ACES changes everything.

Randy Perry, Senior Commercial Colorist, Technicolor
Colorist’s are now offering their talents during the acquisition / shooting stage of the film making
process. Shooting decisions are made with their input. Randy will demonstrate techniques
available and how they are used during the onset color correction process.

Peter Armstrong, Manager, Digital Intermediates & Mastering, Deluxe Post Production
Peter will discuss where theatre technology is today and how the introduction of digital
projection has made the cinema viewing experience much closer to the Director of Photography’s
vision than was ever possible with 35mm film. He will also discuss the colour and imaging issues
with the current 3D cinema projection systems and provide insight into the technology coming
soon to improve both the 2D and 3D cinema viewing experience.