DC Section members and guests gathered at the headquarters of Professional Products (Gaithersburg, MD) for a presentation on fiber optic technology. George Wicker and Scott Anderson, of ADC Telecommunications' Atlanta office, brought Powerpoints and demo equipment to explain the ins and outs of fiber connectivity. The presenters began with some history of "guided light" signal transmission and then moved into today's technologies, including single- and multi-mode fiber, connectors, termination and cable handling.

Despite the external size of most fiber optic cables, which is similar to conventional copper cables, most of the bulk is actually cladding and protective materials. The actual light-carrying fiber width varies from 9 microns, for single-mode, to 50 or 62.5 microns for multi-mode. In addition to the prodigious data capacity of a single fiber, various methods are available to push through even more data by multiplexing several light sources of different

wavelengths into single fibers.

The presenters also brought samples of new high flexibility fiber which can be twisted into knots without impeding light passage.

The DC Section would like to thank George and Scott for their informative presentation and ADC for sponsoring refreshments for the meeting, as well as Pro Products for the use of their conference center.

-- Eric Wenocur, Section Manager and Program

DC Attendees in the Professional Products conference center


Scott Anderson of ADC discusses fiber optic technology


ADC Fiber Optic Power-Point Presentation (PDF)