The Section meeting on June 16 was held at the Television Operations Center of Broadwing Media Services in Columbia, Maryland, where 22 SMPTE members and guests heard an interesting presentation by Walt Banfield, Director of Media Architecture for Broadwing. Mr. Banfield was introduced by newly-elected Section chair, Karl Kuhn, Tektronix, who also first introduced the new Section secretary/treasurer, James Snyder, Intelsat, and the newly elected managers - Thomas Hackett, CEI; David Weinberg, Tobias Audio; and Eric Wenocur, Lab Tech Systems.

Mr. Banfield described the arrangements for feeding video, audio, and data over fiber circuits owned by Broadwing between 19 cities in the United States, with a link to Intelsat in Washington, DC for international destinations. He explained the arrangements for DTM (Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode) communications technology, with various advantages compared to ATM, including the ability to handle both SDI, uncompressed and ASI, compressed, standard definition and high definition signals at data rates up to 270 Mbps over a fully digital transmission network, either point to point or point to multi-point. Layer 2 TDM-based architecture provides 100% quality of service with no cells, packets or jitter, and provides service interfaces for video, and Ethernet up to 1 Gbps, and T1 on the same local access equipment. The presentation also covered some of the background to the development of the Broadwing network and plans for the future.

 Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to tour the technical operations center, where the facilities were explained by Dan Hogan, who was responsible for much of the implementation. Many thanks are extended to Broadwing for their hospitality and refreshments

-Graham Jones, Section Manager and Program Chair

Washington DC Section chairman Karl Kuhn (center) and secretary/treasurer James Snyder (left) with Walt Banfield of Broadwing Media Services