Broadcasting Basics and WETA Transmitter Tour

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Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 18:30 to 22:00
Chesapeake Street Transmitter Site
40th and Chesapeake Streets near Wisconsin Ave.
Tenleytown, DC
United States
Event Details: 

6:00 pm  Going "Dutch" at The Dancing Crab

7:00 pm  Preliminary RF discussion at the restaurant

7:30 pm  Tour of WETA transmitter and tower site



Chesapeake Street Transmitter Site

40th and Chesapeake Streets, near Wisconsin Ave.


Dancing Crab Restaurant

4615 Wisconsin Ave.

Washington, DC



"Broadcasting Basics and WETA Transmitter Tour"

Robert Curry, SBE, Independent RF Engineer

For those of us who work mostly in production, post, and manufacturing, the actual "broadcasting"

part of our business may be unfamiliar.  This is a world of high power, high frequencies, high towers and big pieces of metal!  Find out what happens when the TV signal leaves the station and how it gets delivered to over-the-air viewers.  In addition, today's broadcast towers are shared by many unrelated users for functions such as cell phone antennas and microwave relays, as well as multiple broadcasters.

We will meet at The Dancing Crab restaurant, next door to the tower site, for food, drink and some explanation from Bob Curry.  We will then move to the WETA transmitter building and surrounding tower area for a look at the plumbing!  Please note that this is kind of an "outdoor" location, so dress accordingly if it's cool.


The tower site is near the corner of 40th Street. and Chesapeake St. NW, in the Tenleytown area of DC.  This is a few blocks south of the WTTG-Fox studios and tower.  It's rather hard to miss.  The

Dancing Crab faces Wisconsin Ave. between Chesapeake and Brandywine.   Tenleytown Metro (Red Line)

is about one block away.  There is ample parking on Wisconsin and surrounding streets which is open at 6:30pm (check signs for meter times).



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