Mr. Kane presented a 4 hour workshop on current display technology, including calibration for accurate reproduction of content. Areas of discussion included the differences between CRT and flat-panel displays, monitor quality issues in the production chain, and monitor quality issues at the consumer end.

This program was a must for anyone producing television programming, SD or HD, as well as television engineers and installers of both professional and consumer display equipment. Demonstrations of test material were shown using a state-of-the-art consumer projector.

Since the 1980s, Joe Kane has committed to providing viewers with the opportunity to experience story-telling as it was created and intended to be seen. He delivers display device calibration seminars for the industry, consults for manufacturers on video product quality, and assists the professional world in achieving better technical quality in program production.

Thanks to John Summers and the AFI's Silver Theatre for providing the venue for this meeting.

  -Eric Wenocur, Section Manager and Program Chair


Presenter Joe Kane and meeting organizer David Weinberg


 Joe explains the CIE diagram


Setup for HD playback and projection in AFI's Theater 2