The NAB 2005 Wrap meeting held May 19 at the Washington DC headquarters of the National Association of Broadcasters provided a retrospective look at this year's NAB Convention. The program comprised presentations reviewing equipment, technologies, and speeches from the event. Section Secretary Karl Kuhn welcomed guests to the meeting, including members of the Washington area Digital Media VIPs group. He then introduced Lynn Claudy, Graham Jones, and Kelly Williams from NAB Science and Technology department and guest speaker Mark Schubin, well-known journalist and technology guru.

Lynn Claudy kicked off with commentary about the progress of the DTV transition and the pronouncements of NAB and CEA around the time of the Convention regarding the end of analog broadcasting, the DTV tuner mandate, and related issues. Mark Schubin then gave a knowledgeable and insightful view of show exhibits, covering equipment for acquisition, storage, processing, distribution, presentation, and test and measurement. His presentation was illustrated with a wide range of new products and he summarized developments by saying that offerings this year had changed from being  "Better, Faster, and Cheaper" to "Cheap, Personal, and Good enough."

Graham Jones summarized some of the events off the show floor, including the Digital Cinema Summit produced by NAB in partnership with SMPTE and the Entertainment Technology Center. He covered the leading-edge technology demonstrations in the ATSC DTV Hot Spot, and described the capabilities of the NAB HDTV Station and the NextGen Broadcast Home, both new features not seen at previous NAB shows. Kelly Williams followed with edited highlights of keynote speeches, including Mark Cuban of HDNet, Kenneth Williams of Ascent Media, Jonathan Klein of CNN, and engineer and author Dr. Robert Lucky The evening concluded with some pertinent questions and discussions on issues raised in the presentations.

The meeting was attended by about 35 members and guests. Many thanks are extended to NAB for their hospitality.

- Graham Jones, Section Manager/Program Chair

Speakers at the NAB 2005 Wrapup
Mark Schubin (L) and Kelly Williams, Lynn Claudy, Graham Jones of NAB

Mark Schubin's PowerPoint presentation (PDF)