May 2007 featured the DC Section’s annual "NAB Wrap-up" meeting, with several speakers giving an overview of the recent convention in Las Vegas. Starting off the evening, Lynn Claudy of the NAB introduced the session and provided information on two major broadcasting issues that were heavily evident at the show: Mobile DTV and the ongoing transition to DTV broadcasting. Lynn provided technical details and photos of several possible Mobile DTV approaches. He also noted the problems wth consumer awareness of the coming broadcast change and the NAB’s efforts to improve this situation.

Next up, the NAB’s Graham Jones discussed statistics and history of the convention, and detailed the multi-day conference program which featured seminars and workshops on a wide range of broadcast and non-broadcast topics. The final NAB presenter, Kelly Williams, offered video snippets of Keynote addresses from the conferences and a discussion of the speakers’ takes on technological change. He then introduced the evening’s guest presenter, Mark Schubin.

Mr. Schubin is a well-known television engineer, consultant and contributor to industry publications. He provided an overview of changes and developments in many areas of television technology evident at the show, including cameras, storage, lighting and distribution. Schubin highlighted particularly interesting products and added wry commentary on developments which are not always what they seem.

Many thanks are due to Graham Jones and the NAB for regularly providing facilities and refreshments.

-Eric Wenocur, Section Manager and Program Chair


Guest Speaker Mark Schubin is introduced by NAB’s Kelly Williams


DC Section Chairman Karl Kuhn, Speaker Mark Schubin, Lynn Claudy and Graham Jones of the NAB