On 1 February 2013, Seth Shostak blogged about The Ultimate Television, for the Huffington Post. Shostak referenced a paper he wrote for SMPTE in 1993.

Those that have expressed high interest in that article may read it here:

Journal Article

Tutorial: The Ultimate Motion Imaging System

G. Seth Shostak, SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA 94043.


The imaging systems most popular today, 35mm fdm and television, deliver images with, at most, a few hundred Mbytes of information per second. How close are such systems in terms of visual fidelity to an ultimate system: one that would reproduce moving imagery indistinguishable from reality? By considering the parameters of human vision, we can estimate the data rate for such an ultimate system to be approximately 750 Gbyteslsec. Extrapolation of current technologies suggests that we can build practical versions of such systems within three decades.

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