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2021 Society Elections for Officers and Governors
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    Standards Knowledge Network (SKN) User Guide


    Overall Background

    While we indent to at least build a minimal viable platform by the switch-over point in January 2021 to continue the SMPTE due process we strive to continue to improve the platform once the switch-over is behind us. This document will be continuously updated to provide guidance on how the SMPTE due process is implemented in Microsoft 365 (MS 365), Teams, GitHub and any other applications which form the SMPTE platform.

    SKN Personas

    The SKN defines several personas with varying requirements and functions. Below is a listing of SKN personas with their functions which will be defined and explained in more detail further down in this document.

    TC Chairs

    • Count a quorum
    • Maintain P-Member Roster
    • Initiate ballots
    • Initiate votes
    • Track attendance and voting record
    • Initiate, update and terminate sub-groups
    • Setup projects - MS Planned

    SMPTE HQ Staff (incl. Admins)

    • Setup groups (all groups) - MS 365 Admin
    • Setup votes and ballots - MS Forms
    • Establish automation - Power Automate
    • Add, update or remove SC members (incl. MS 365 license) - MS 365 Admin
    • Establish Templates (Planner?, Projects, Forms etc.)

    SKN Tool Creators and Maintainers (Software Dev.)

    • Create automation flows
    • Maintain automation flows
    • Create connectors for automation flows
    • Maintain connectors for automation flows