The SMPTE DCP: Understanding the Digital Cinema Package - Instructor Led

Monday, September 21, 2020
What you'll learn: 
  • Understand both the technical and business advantages of adopting SMPTE  DCPs 
  • Gain the knowledge you need to discuss the various file types and their functions in a SMPTE  DCP 
  • Be able to outline the  SMPTE  DCP  mastering process 
  • Learn how the  SMPTE  DCP  manages Timed Text 
  • Become fluent in discussing how the  DCP  helps overcome the challenges of international versioning 
  • Know the requirements of global  DCP  distribution 
What you'll get: 
  • Personal attention and access to your instructors via the online discussion forum 
  • 1h-long weekly live, online, interactive instructor-led coaching sessions 
  • Recorded instructor coaching sessions for on-demand playback and review 
  • Two attempts at each quiz and final exam 
  • SMPTE  Certificate of Achievement (Participants must meet minimum course requirements (a 70% cumulative score for all quizzes, exams, and assignments) to receive the certificate) 
  • Continued access to course materials through  SMPTE’s  Virtual Classroom Alumni Center when you opt in 
8 Weeks
General understanding of Computer Science and familiarity of digital media MIME audio, video, markup types e.g. XML, WAV, JPEG etc.

Course Description:


The world we live in today is the digital world. Around every corner, forward-looking media organizations are shifting from traditional workflows to transformative digital workflows that enable greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This is true of Digital Cinema (D-Cinema), as well. If you are a professional in media production, distribution, or mastering, you can leverage the  SMPTE  Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to enable innovation, automation, and cost savings. Take this new  SMPTE  Virtual Classroom course, and you will learn about the benefits and practical considerations of using  DCPs  in common mastering and distribution workflows — including your own. Differentiate and distinguish yourself with the knowledge needed to help your organization adopt and take full advantage of  SMPTE  DCPs within a modern digital media workflow. 

  • Module 1 - DCP Origins 
  • Module 2 - The Digital Cinema Workflow 
  • Module 3 - Digital Cinema DM Explained 
  • Module 4 - Working with MXF in D-cinema 
  • Module 5 - The CPL 
  • Module 6 - Encryption in D-cinema 
  • Module 7 - Packaging and Delivery 

Developed and facilitated by Jack Watts, SMPTE  Standards Community member and media solutions expert, the course is intended to provide media production professionals, film producers, distribution houses, and mastering vendors with the opportunity to learn about the benefits and practical considerations of utilizing the SMPTE DCP in their mastering and distribution workflows. 

Jack Watts

Jack Watts is an independent media solutions consultant based in London, UK. Having worked for globally recognised brands such as Technicolor and Deluxe, Jack has gathered over 12 years’ experience in the Media and Entertainment industry and has aided in cultivating multiple workflows and implementations still relied upon today. Jack has a specialist discipline in advanced formats such as Digital Cinema and IMF along with a complete understanding of their underlying and peripheral industry standards. He operates under the name Trench Digital.


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