#SMPTE People

#SMPTEPeople is a campaign created to highlight employees, volunteers, and members of the SMPTE family on social media. The posts go out each Friday and it has been a strong testament to the dedication and contributions of our valued employees, members and volunteers.

If you know someone worthy of some recognition, click below and fill out their information so we can give credit where credit is deserved!

Featured Posts:

Simon Whybrow, Chairman of

SMPTE Australia

Chris Alvarez, Section manager at SMPTE


Simon Gauntlett, Chair of the SMPTE UK


Lam KL, Founder and Director, Society of

 Motion Imaging LTD

Liz Pieri,
Volunteer Director of Education

Jaclyn Pytlarz, Volunteer  

John Gallagher, Director for
Technology for the Borough of
Manhattan Community College

Yvonne Thomas , Volunteer

Chris Lennon, Volunteer

 Maja Davidovic, PMP, Manager of
Professional Development

Tony Meerrakker, Volunteer

Roberta Gorman, Director of

Joel E. Welch, Director of

 Dianne Purrier, SMPTE's
Managing Editor, Digital
and Print Publications 

Sally-Ann D'Amato, SMPTE's
Director of Event and
Governance Liaison

Eric Gsell, Volunteer