The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), the organization whose standards work has supported a century of technological advances in entertainment technology, is seeking proposals for technical papers for the SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2017) – Tuesday, 24 Oct. - Thursday, 26 Oct. 2017 in Hollywood, California.

"As SMPTE enters its next century, technological innovation is accelerating," said SMPTE Education Director Sara Kudrle, SMPTE Fellow and SMPTE 2017 program committee co-chair along with SMPTE Fellows Thomas Edwards and Paul Chapman. "The technologies that enable creative storytelling have already made significant advancements. Higher resolutions, faster frame rates, wider color gamut, and bit depths are regularly being introduced while current conversations are exploring IT and cloud technologies, virtualization, and artificial intelligence with a focus on how they will impact the industry. The papers presented at the conference will delve into these and other key questions shaping the future of the motion imaging industry." 

Proposed papers must be informational and must address technical theory, research, innovation, application, or practice specific to any of the evolving technologies associated with the media technology industry.

Papers that are commercial or promotional in nature will not be considered.

A non-exclusive list of topics to consider:

  • UHD: Bigger, Better, Faster Pixels
  • Color and Dynamic Range Management
  • Future of Media Distributions (OTT, ATSC 3.0, mobile, etc.)
  • Media Infrastructure (SDI, IP)
  • Workflow Management (file-based, automation)
  • Cloud and Virtualized Media Processing
  • Image Acquisition and Processing
  • Content Management and Storage, Restoration, and Preservation
  • Cinema Processing and Projection Technology 
  • Human Perception of Images or Sound
  • Quality and Monitoring of Images and Sound
  • New Compression Techniques and Implementations
  • Content and Network Security
  • New Techniques in Audio (scene-based production, compression, transport, immersive)
  • Advances in Display Technologies
  • Future Media Technology (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/360o Video)
  • New and Novel Technology and Techniques
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology in professional content creation
  • Encouraging Diversity in STEM
  • Change Management (CM)

Student Papers are strongly encouraged.

To Submit an Abstract:

Interested parties are invited to submit a topic heading, paper title, and an abstract by 15 May 2017.

Abstracts should be between 300 – 400 words and must specify the following information:

  • Top three informational takeaways for the audience
  • What type of paper is proposed:
    • Research/Theory-Oriented
    • Case Study
    • Tutorial
    • Application/Implementation

Important: Please ensure that the submitted abstract is clear, concise and fully describes the subject matter covered in the required manuscript. 

Also, kindly provide any media proposed for presentation, if selected (such as video clip or technical demonstration, etc.). In addition to the abstract, keywords, name(s) of author(s) and the presenter’s name, title, company, mailing address, telephone, and e-mail address, must be provided no later than 15 May 2017.

Previously published, product-specific, sales or promotional papers will not be considered.

Instructions for abstract submission:

If not already registered with EDAS:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “New User”
  3. Fill in required information
  4. Check “I consent to the EDAS Privacy Policies” box
  5. Click on “Add This Person” Button

To Submit a Paper (if already registered with EDAS):

  1. Log-in to EDAS
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the paper’s title
  4. Add the author’s name
  5. Enter the synopsis in the “Abstract” field
  6. Press “Submit”

Submissions must be submitted 15 May 2017. 

Final selection and notification to authors will be no later than 15 July 2017.

To ensure SMPTE has time to process papers for the conference, selected speakers must provide an electronic version of the final technical paper to SMPTE no later than 29 September 2017.

Please note: A technical manuscript is required for all abstracts accepted for the SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.