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SMPTE is an internationally recognized standards development body.  As such we abide by the ANSI and ISO due process for initiating, approving, revising and removing standards.  For nearly 100 years, SMPTE has been the leader in standards for the motion imaging industry, facilitating interoperability and therefore business.

Published documents include standards, recommended practices and engineering guidelines, all of which integrate to describe a particular process.  Aspects of the process include...

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SMPTE EG 2069:2012 Guide to SMPTE ST 297 Optical SDI Networks Published 19 Sept 2012

This engineering guideline provides guidance on the implementation of SMPTE ST 297 optical SDI networks in the following areas:

- Basics components of an optical network
- Multimode versus Single mode fiber
- Link budget – how to calculate, important factors
- Differences between Optical SDI interfaces and components and datacom interfaces and
- Issues arising from the use of non-optimized ST 297 optical components
- Optical attenuators – why are they required and when to use them
- Optical isolators – why are they required and when to use them
Evaluation of an optical system and its components:
- Test and measurement equipment
- Test and measurement methodology
- Important test parameters
- Ensuring interoperability

SMPTE 2042-1:2012 VC-2 Video Compression (Revision of ST 2042-1-2009) Published 30 August 2012

This standard defines the VC-2 video compression system through the stream syntax, entropy coding, coefficient unpacking process and picture decoding process. The decoder operations are defined by means of a mixture of pseudo-code and mathematical operations. VC-2 is an intra frame video codec that uses wavelet transforms together with entropy coding that can be readily implemented in hardware or software at very high bit rates. Additional standards and recommended practices may define specific constraints on the encoding for particular applications.

SMPTE ST 385:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 385M-2004) Material Exchange Format (MXF) Mapping SDTI-CP Essence and Metadata into the MXF Generic Container Published 10 July 2012

This standard specifies the mapping of essence and metadata conforming to SMPTE ST 326 to the MXF Generic Container. The MXF Generic Container is the native Essence Container for use in an MXF file body.

This standard specifies an SDTI-CP compatible System Item as a sequence of metadata elements in the MXF Generic Container. The standard then describes how the SDTI-CP System Item, conforming to SMPTE ST 326, can be mapped into the SDTI-CP compatible System Item of the MXF Generic Container as defined by both SMPTE ST 379-1 and SMPTE ST 379-2.
This standard also specifies how SDTI-CP picture, sound and Auxiliary Items conforming to SMPTE ST 326 can be mapped into the MXF Generic Container. This includes mapping of SDTI-CP elements conforming to SMPTE ST 326.


SMPTE RP 210v13:2012 (Revision of RP 210v12:2010) Metadata Element Dictionary Published 3 July 2012

The data element dictionary defines data elements, including their names, descriptions and identifiers, for association with essence or other metadata. A full explanation is contained in SMPTE ST 335.

The metadata dictionary structure defined in SMPTE ST 335 covers the use of metadata for all types of essence (video, audio, and data in their various forms). The standard specifies that any application must conform both to:
(a) the definitions and formats in SMPTE ST 335; and
(b) the data element dictionary.


SMPTE ST 425-4:2012 Dual 3 Gb/s Serial Digital Interface for Stereoscopic Image Transport Published 3 July 2012

This standard defines a means of transporting stereoscopic images (Left eye and Right eye images) using an interface consisting of two streams based on the SMPTE ST 425-1 data structures. The Left eye images are carried on one stream of the interface and the Right eye images are carried on the other stream.

The stereoscopic image formats to be transported using this standard are the 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 image formats enumerated in Table 1, where each image format is defined by SMPTE ST 274, SMPTE ST 296, SMPTE ST 2048-2, SMPTE ST 428-9 or SMPTE ST 428-19, has a payload capacity of nominally 3 Gb/s and can be transported by a single SMPTE ST 424 serial interface.
Audio and other associated ancillary data may also be transported. This standard also defines a payload identifier.

SMPTE ST 425-0:2012-06 (Revision of SMPTE 425-0:2012) SMPTE Bit-Serial Interfaces at 3 Gb/s — Roadmap for the 425 Document Suite Published 3 July 2012

The SMPTE 425 suite of documents defines the mapping of various source image formats onto a single link, dual link and quad link serial digital interfaces operating at a nominal rate of 3 Gb/s. This informative “roadmap” describes the documents in the SMPTE 425 suite. The SMPTE 425 series documents specify a virtual interface that is carried on a physical link specified by SMPTE ST 424.

SMPTE 268M-2003 Am 1:2012 File Format for Digital Moving-Picture Exchange (DPX) — Amendment 1 Published 3 July 2012

The purpose of this amendment is to modify SMPTE 268M-2003 so that the file format for Digital Moving-Picture Exchange (DPX) may be utilized as a container for Academy Density Exchange Encoding (ADX) code values.

SMPTE ST 382:2007 Am 1:2012 Material Exchange Format Mapping AES3 and Broadcast Wave Audio into the MXF Generic Container - Amendment 1 Published 28 June 2012

The following recommends changes to be made to ST 382:2007 as a result from the incorporation of the “Channel IDs” and “Mono Source Track IDs” properties to Amendment 1 to SMPTE ST 377-1:2011. Note that citations to “337M” are intentional to refer to SMPTE 337M-2000 to remain consistent with the remainder of SMPTE 382.

SMPTE ST 377-4:2012 MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework Published 28 June 2012

This standard defines a labeling framework for multichannel audio essence in MXF file structures. It specifies the basic object model, structures and metadata items for the MCA Labeling Framework.

This standard enables text-based representation of Multichannel Audio Labels and defines one such representation.


SMPTE ST 377-1:2011 Am 1:2012 Material Exchange Format (MXF) File Format Specification Amendment 1 Published 28 June 2012

The purpose of this amendment is to address a request from 21DC to enhance SMPTE ST 377-1:2011 by incorporating the “Channel IDs” and “Mono Source Track IDs” properties found in SMPTE ST 382:2007.

SMPTE ST 2049:2012 Low Latency Streaming MXF Op 1a Published 11 June 2012

This standard defines a sub-set of the Material Exchange Format (MXF) for low latency streaming applications that use Operating Pattern 1A. Latency is defined as the delay time between image/sound acquisition and the image/sound display. The design is intended to support both CBR and VBR essence types.