SMPTE TSP-2121 Application DPP

SMPTE TSP-2121 Application DPP

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Introduction (from TSP 2121-1)

Building on the pioneering work of SMPTE who created a Mastering Format (IMF) for Feature Films, the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) have collaborated to develop a SMPTE Technical Specification for an IMF Application based on the requirements common to many in the broadcast and online sector. This SMPTE Technical Specification is based on the image formats referred to in ITU-R BT.2100 and references SMPTE ST 2067 Interoperable Master Format suite of standards and SMPTE RDD 45:2017 Interoperable Master Format – Application ProRes.

Comments and Issues

This project is currently active and a github repository is maintained for you to log comments and issues.

Date Document Description
16 Aug 2018 Project Bundle All the documents in a single zip 
16 Aug 2018 TSP 2121-1 PDF of the SMPTE Technical Specifications Document
16 Aug 2018 ER 2121-2 PDF of the SMPTE Business Requirements Document
16 Aug 2018 ER 2121-3 The SMPTE Project Log with comments collected during the pre-publication process
16 Aug 2018 AS-11 DPP Schema The schema for AS-11 metadata to be associated with a composition 
16 Aug 2018 RDD 6 Schema The schema for RDD 6 metadata to be associated with a composition 
16 Aug 2018   AG-08 Licensing Document not yet received
16 Aug 2018 Technical Specification 35PM IMF DPP Application Technical Specification
16 Aug 2018 Specification Requirements 35PM IMF DPP Application SMPTE Specification Requirements

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