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    HDR Technology and Workflows
    for M&E

    Independent-Study Course Enrollment Opened
    January 18, 2021

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    March 8, 2021

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    What you'll learn:

    • Get to know the entire  HDR  chain, from lighting to capture,  post production, encoding, delivery, and display 
    • Understand the practical implications of establishing various  HDR  workflows 
    • Build an extensive vocabulary around  HDR  and learn how to communicate effectively about related systems and workflows 
    • Learn about the scientific building blocks that allow  HDR  to deliver stunning image quality 

    What you'll get:

    • Personal attention and access to your instructors via the online discussion forum 
    • 1h-long weekly live, online, interactive instructor-led coaching sessions 
    • Recorded instructor coaching sessions for on-demand playback and review 
    • Two attempts at each quiz and final exam 
    • SMPTE  Certificate of Achievement (Participants must meet minimum course requirements (a 70% cumulative score for all quizzes, exams, and assignments) to receive the certificate) 
    • Continued access to course materials through  SMPTE’s  Virtual Classroom Alumni Center when you opt in

    Course Details

    Duration: 10 Weeks
    Prerequisite(s): There are no prerequisites for taking this course. Taking SMPTE’s “Essentials of IP Media Transport for Broadcasters” is recommended for better understanding of this course
    Level: Introductory

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    Bringing viewers brighter highlights and greater contrast, high dynamic range (HDR) has been eagerly embraced across the media and entertainment industry. However, while  HDR  offers clear benefits, it also requires adaption throughout the end-to-end workflow, from capture and mastering through to delivery and display. This  SMPTE  Virtual Classroom course, “HDR  Technology and Workflows for M&E,” will help you to understand critical concepts and practical considerations across the  HDR  workflow. With deeper knowledge of  HDR  workflows, formats, and display technologies, you can aid your company in successfully implementing  HDR  or help the organization explore possibilities for improving existing  HDR  workflows. 


    • Module 1 - HDR  its Lights, its Properties, and its Capture 
    • Module 2 - Dynamic Range 
    • Module 3 - The High Dynamic Range Ecosystem 
    • Module 4 - HDR Capture 
    • Module 5 - HDR Displays  
    • Module 6 - HDR Workflows 
    • Module 7 - Content Analysis &  HDR  Potential  
    • Module 8 - The Future of  HDR 

    Led by advanced imaging specialist Pierre  Routhier, this  SMPTE  Virtual Classroom course will cover critical concepts and practical considerations across the  HDR  workflow, from mastering to production, distribution, and viewing. In exploring workflows for mastering  HDR content for theatrical and home distribution, course modules will delve into foundational building blocks of  HDR  including human perception of light and how it is captured, the  opto-electronic transfer function (OETF), the electro-optical transfer function (EOTF), the  HDR  ecosystem, HDR  displays,  HDR workflows, and more. Overall, the course will help practitioners, technologists, and engineers involved with preproduction, production, post production, display, and archiving to gain a deeper understanding of  HDR  that will support their current work, or open up possibilities for new roles and responsibilities. 


    PierreHuguesRouthierPierre Hugues Routhier

    Former aerospace engineer Pierre Hugues Routhier is a specialist in advanced imaging technologies that provides training to studios, manufacturers, and broadcasters worldwide. He has developed innovative solutions and workflows for studios and postproduction facilities in all fields of advanced imaging: ultra-high resolution, high frame rate, VR/AR, HDR, and others. Routhier is credited with more than a dozen patents related to advanced imaging and has been published in several industry papers. His latest book, “High Dynamic Range for Television and Motion Pictures: A Digital Troublemaker Guide,” has quickly become an industry reference on HDR for broadcast and motion pictures.

    Past Course Participants Say: 
    • “Very interesting and made me look at utilizing HDR workflow for my own projects in the future as well as the mandated HDR projects at work” 
    • “Module 7 is extremely helpful, providing insight into various analysis tools to analyze how HDR may enhance the viewer experience” 
    Terms and Conditions: 
    • Any of  SMPTE's  Virtual Classroom courses are also available as private sessions for organizations. Contact us for details about private course options and with any curriculum questions. 
    • If you register but cannot attend and would like your registration fee applied to a future course, please contact us. A $75 transfer fee will apply. 
    • If you cannot meet your course deadline, you can request an extension. A $100 extension fee will apply. Please contact us to ask for an extension. 
    • Refunds will be issued for cancellations made at least three weeks prior to the course start date, less a 10% ($100 for  CCNA  courses) cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after that time. 
    • SMPTE  Education Team contact:  education@smpte.org