Ultra-High Definition (UHD): The Big Picture - Self-Study

Monday, April 6, 2020
What you'll learn: 
  • Learn how to describe the different elements of UHD acquisition, including UHD cameras, sensors, lenses, sampling formats, bit rates, and storage requirements
  • Gain the knowledge to describe and perform UHD signal conversion, formatting, and content distribution using the appropriate UHD formats and color conversion techniques, bit rates, codecs, and UHD content distribution methods
  • Be able to differentiate technologies for UHDTV displays and display enhancements, as well as choose the appropriate direct view or projection display for UHD viewing
  • Understand the benchmarks and connection formats of UHD signal management and calculate the required bit rates for signal transport and display interfacing
  • Master the appropriate application of standards to acquisition, formats, transport, and interfacing UHD video
  • Get insights into the future of UHDTV, from camera to display screen
What you'll get: 
  • Access to your instructors via the online discussion forum*
  • Limited class size for more personalized attention
  • Weekly live, online, interactive instructor-led coaching sessions*
  • Recorded instructor coaching sessions for on-demand playback and review
  • SMPTE Certificate of Achievement**
  • Continued access to course materials through SMPTE’s Virtual Classroom Alumni Center
8 Weeks
Participants must meet minimum course requirements (a 70% cumulative score for all quizzes, exams, and assignments) to receive the certificate
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Course Description:

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Ultra-High Definition (UHD): The Big Picture

If you’re an engineer, technician, or craft engineer working with new video formats including UHD, or if you’re an editor or equipment supplier who simply wants to know more about the future of video, this course is for you! Although UHD video and displays have been around for nearly a decade, only recently has the format been broadly embraced by the broadcast and OTT industries. The basic terminology may be familiar to you, but do you really have a handle on what UHD means and how to handle the format across content creation and distribution? When you complete this course, you’ll be able to talk about UHD in depth. You’ll have the knowledge to ensure that your organization performs critical processing tasks correctly or uses the appropriate standards to support transport and display of UHD content. You will better understand the future of next-generation video formats and be better prepared to lead change and growth within your organization.

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