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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

5G Opportunities for Broadcasters

5G is a new broadband technology with superior technical capabilities compared with earlier mobile communications systems.

Original Airdate: 15 Nov 2018 1:00pm EST

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5G is a new broadband technology with superior technical capabilities compared with earlier mobile communications systems. Boasting very low latency, very high reliability, and improved spectrum utilization and energy efficiency, it aims to enable provision of new services to consumers and business users in different social and economic sectors.

5G might allow broadcasters to produce their content more efficiently, and it could become a new distribution platform for their services. It might also enable new types of media service and an extended audience reach. However, if 5G is to be widely adopted by the broadcasters, it will need to meet their technical, commercial, and regulatory requirements.

This webcast will introduce some of the significant 5G features and their possible relevance for the audiovisual media sector. Furthermore, the presentation will outline several possible 5G applications in content production and distribution.

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Darko_Ratkaj_wc_2018Guest Speaker:  Darko Ratkaj

At the EBU's Technology & Innovation department my focus is on transmission technologies for audio-visual media content and services, the related regulation, and market evolution.In particular, I am interested in wireless distribution technologies, including 4G and 5G, but also conventional radio and TV systems and networks. The main objective of this work is to ensure that prominence wide availability of the public service content can be sustained in light of the technological and market developments and the changing audience behaviour.

Another important area is the use of mobile technologies in professional content production where 5G might bring new opportunities and enable greater efficiencies. I am involved in R&D and standardisation, and follow a number of regulatory themes. My working relations include the broadcast and the telecommunications industries, market analysts, national regulators, and the European Commission. I regularly speak at public events and conferences on the above mentioned topics.