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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

VR from Shoot to Delivery

Richard Mills, technical director of Sky VR Studios, will provide a detailed behind-the-scenes view of Sky VR Studios' creative and production processes. Using examples of the studio's work, he will explain the planning, commissioning, and technical processes from shoot through to delivery. Topics will include technical guidelines, production planning, shooting techniques, and the postproduction and app delivery workflows deployed by Sky VR Studios.

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Guest Speaker:  Richard Mills

Richard has over 30 years' experience and a proven track record in creating high-end imaging solutions for the film and broadcast industries.

At Sky UK, Richard has been responsible for setting Technical Standards, best practice and devising workflows and innovations for 360 and VR content. He has worked extensively to integrate 360 and VR content within a Broadcast framework.

In addition to his technical work, Richard has provided Shoot and Post supervision on numerous VR projects.

An early proponent of VR, Richard has undertaken productions across multiple genres from Action to Drama. Awards include a Hollywood AIS Lumiere in 2015 for high-resolution VR camera design.