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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Build your Base, Rent your Spike – An Intro to Web-Scale Open Infrastructure on OpenStack, Microservices, and Kubernetes

Infrastructure technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, as the space moves away from silos and toward the more diverse skill set that is needed to operate corporate infrastructure. 

Cloud computing can accomplish this. Cloud is more than technology: It brings together people and process. Transitioning corporate infrastructure to the cloud and being able to operate in a true IaaS model behind a firewall is key to meeting long-term business needs. 

Solinea will share some of our experience in working with the media and entertainment industry to make this transition. Discussion topics will include: 

  • Cloud and Cloud Portability - Build and consume services that will allow your application to be portable. 
  • Microservices - Why this construct enables way more than cloud consumption. 
  • Kubernetes - I have the services and put them in a container, how do I manage them?