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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Center-Of-Interest (COI) Motion Analysis and Prediction: Do Movies Benefit More from 4K, HFR, or Both?

As the industry relentlessly moves toward higher spatial and temporal resolutions, it's important to take a step back and look at how those technologies fare with the creative side of filmmaking.

During this webcast, you’ll discover the surprising results of applying a certain methodology to several recent box-office hits (exhibited at 2K24). Find out the specific impact that increasing frame rate has on image detail, while hearing how image performance is affected by today's fast-paced cinematography. Finally, possible ways to improve viewer experience while reducing costs, without compromising creative intent will be explored.

Please join Pierre Hugues Routhier and SMPTE for this excellent learning opportunity!


Guest Speaker: Pierre Hugues Routhier, Eng., M.Eng. Creat3 Inc.


Former Aerospace Engineer Pierre Hugues Routhier, Eng., M.Eng., is a specialist in advanced imaging technologies. He has developed innovative solutions and workflows for studios and post-production facilities in all fields of advanced imaging: Virtual Reality, Ultra-High Resolution, High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, Stereoscopic 3D, etc... He is credited with more than a dozen patents related to advanced imaging and is published in several industry papers. He is currently working with major studios and broadcasters on production, research and training related to advanced imaging.