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Core Values - How to Stay Out of the Headlines? Start With a Healthy Culture

Multiple industries are mired in scandal and crisis, with steep consequences for individuals and organizations. What’s the root cause? And, what’s the best way to address toxic behaviors? Join Eagle Hill Consulting CEO Melissa John McCoskey in a discussion about why core values are at the heart of the problem—and the solution.

SMPTE Executive Members are invited to this opportunity to participate!

The toughest challenges. The most compelling opportunities. That’s the focus of these quarterly webcasts—available exclusively to SMPTE Executive Members and hosted by SMPTE Fellow and Eagle Hill Consulting Industry Executive John McCoskey. Together with invited experts, John will explore strategy, technology and management topics that are top of mind for you and your peers. The series will deliver news you can use on culture and core values, managing change, measuring and managing performance, and developing technology transition strategies. Take a closer look at the latest tools and techniques and hear working in the real world. In short, prepare yourself and your organization for success in 2018. 

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