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NAB Show 2023

Delivering Broadcast Video to Social Media - What are the key architectural and technical issues?

Original Air Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

 Cloud Service Providers have an ever-expanding portfolio of service and application options specifically aimed at addressing the needs of Media Workflows.

The Cloud now features heavily within most media workflows, requiring those responsible for planning, designing and operating infrastructure to have an appreciation of the respective benefits and pitfalls associated with the underlying technology. This webinar will explore the fundamental issues concerning the technology upon which cloud offerings are based upon from a media perspective.


Ian Trow Aug 2018-1

Ian Trow is an experienced Media, Network and Security professional with 30 years technical and commercial experience. Understanding the impact of technology on customers and markets is a core strength. Recent assignments have concerned applying this knowledge in the following areas: 

  • IP Network Design and Cyber Security 
  • Validating Cloud and SaaS based Media functionality  
  • Virtualization and Micro-services 
  • Video compression, including VVC, LCEVC, AV1 and High Efficiency Video Coding 
  • 4k / Ultra HD / HDR 
  • Targeted Advertising 
  • Video Contribution, Distribution and Production Techniques, including ST2110 

Ian is qualified in Network, Cloud and Security technologies, (Cisco (CCNP & CCDP) Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualified)I believe these to be the most significant challenges facing media delivery.  

Ian Trow Tech Ltd is a technical consultancy specialising in Video Processing, IP Networks and Security. Ian has previously worked for Harmonic, ThomsonEnvivio, Tandberg, Snell and Sony.  


jim skinner

Jim Skinner nailed down the transmission path of every single Twitter-funded live broadcast from the first NFL game to the full PGA tour 2 years later. If you ever worked an ad-supported live stream for Twitter you already know Jim. But for those of you that don’t, trust that he has a storied history connecting the broadcast world to social media. 

How did Jim fall into this niche? He graduated with a production degree from USC’s School of Cinema and Television but was as interested in the online space as the world of production. He put in 14 years at Microsoft, 5 years at Twitter and is now 3 years into his Facebook stint. Along the way he picked up a Master's degree from Santa Clara University's data science program (housed in the Leavey School of Business) and numerous patents related to social media. 

Jim’s SMPTE work focuses on defining a reference set of user generated HDR content (with tone mapped variants) for academic and industry uses. Jim believes that the biggest challenge social media will face in the next 5 years will be the transition from the Rec 709 colorspace to HDR’s larger color volume. Without a known good set of tone mapped examples, measuring tone mapping approaches is not possible. Jim thinks it was Rousseau that first said “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” but nobody wants to correct him. 



Fabio Murra is SVP Product Marketing and Solutions at V-Nova, where he drives the definition and launch of new solutions for the digital television and media market. With over 17 years of broadcast and telecoms experience, Fabio has been heavily involved in both the design and deployment of cutting-edge solutions across the entire media and television delivery chain, from news and sports gathering, through content preparation and delivery networks, to consumer homes and devices.

Passionate about productizing technology and making it available and usable at scale, Fabio has contributed to productizing two brand new video standards, VC-6 and LCEVC, as a Software Development Kit for a multitude of different platforms, operating systems and browsers.

Fabio brings to V-Nova deep expertise in the fields of product management, marketing and communication in the TV & Media industry where he successfully launched multiple new and award-winning products. Fabio holds three degrees: MSc in Electronic Engineering from Padua University, Italy, a Master in Engineering Science from the University of Cork, Ireland and a Marketing degree from Winchester University, UK.