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Digital Cinema Content Distribution

Digital Cinema Content Distribution: Understanding Interop and the SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015
1:00 PM Eastern /10:00 AM Pacific / 5:00 PM UTC

Few will argue that effective distribution of digital cinema content is of vital importance. The process for doing this has evolved significantly over the years.

During this SMPTE Standards Update webcast, guest speaker Jim Whittlesey, will explain the function and technical parameters associated with a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and a Composition PlayList (CPL). Both are key to understanding how digital cinema content is distributed, how it is effectively managed and then played back in a theoretical environment.

Discussion will also detail the differences, down to the file level, between an Interop DCP and a SMPTE-DCP. In addition, how to determine if a DCP is an Interop or SMPTE-DCP will be covered.


Guest Speaker: Jim Whittlesey, Digital Cinema Consultant

-Jim-Whittlesey-3164BB-EJim Whittlesey is a Digital Cinema consultant working on a number of projects such as wider color gamut, Higher Dynamic Range and Higher Frame Rates, Formerly Jim was a Senior Vice President, Technology at Deluxe Digital Cinema. Jim has worked for Deluxe Digital Cinema for eight years developing the Digital Cinema mastering workflow, content (DCP) delivery and Key (KDM) management systems. Prior, Jim worked as the Director of Technology for Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), where he was the editor and one of the many authors for the Digital Cinema Specification. Jim worked as a hardware design engineer for Grass Valley Group on the Profile Video Disk recorder system. Jim has a B.S.E.E. from Purdue University and a MBA from University of Portland.