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Electronic Camera and Display Fundamentals - From Light to Code Values and from Code Values to Light!

Original Airdate:  18 Apr 2019 1:00pm EDT

In this webcast, we will discuss the basic technical concepts that describe how electronic cameras and electronic displays work. We will describe the journey light takes from a scene to the electronic sensor inside a camera and all the way back out to light on an electronic display. Have you ever wondered how does light gets converted into an electronic signal? What is a pixel code value really? What does that pixel code value represent and how is it converted back to light on a display? What do the acronyms CCD, CMOS, LCD, DLP, OLED mean?! If you have, make sure to join us for this webcast where these and many other questions regarding basic concepts about electronic cameras and displays will be answered.

Guest Speaker: 

Ricardo Figueroa

Ricardo Figueroa-cropped

Ricardo is currently an Associate Professor and Chair for the Motion Picture Science Program at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Ricardo joined RIT after working at Kodak for 10 years, where he held positions as Film and Digital Lab Manager, Digital/Hybrid Technologies Regional Director, Digital Imaging Engineer and Kodak Operating System Manager. Ricardo holds a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Puerto Rico and is currently pursuing his PhD in Computing and Information Sciences at RIT. Outside of work, Ricardo is an avid triathlete, soccer player and golfer and is also active in various professional and civic associations.