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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Evolved Content Security Framework: Supporting the Modern Needs of MVPD

Every aspect of the industry is rapidly evolving – from consumer’s behavior to video packaging, encoding and platform shifts. In order to keep up with the ever changing landscape, the framework for modern MVPD Content Security needs to evolve as well. Several advances in video packaging, encoding and transport such as Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) have contributed to this evolution. However, certain key aspects such as consumer authentication and access control have lagged behind.

In this webcast, Raj Nair, VP of Technology at Ericsson TV Platforms, and Pablo Argon, Senior Director of Technical Strategy IPTV at Ericsson, will discuss the key components to a modern, evolved approach to content security framework for MVPDs, detailing the importance of distribution platforms, authentication mechanisms and entitlement mechanisms, including support for multiple delivery points and multi-DRM key exchange mechanisms. They’ll outline a robust and adaptable framework that is flexible and scalable to meet the requirements of most MVPD deployments.