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HDBaseT: Is There a Role for It In the Broadcasting Industry?

The HDBaseT standard includes an impressive set of supported features for the delivery of uncompressed high-definition digital video (including 4K) — such as HD video, audio, Ethernet, controls, power, USB, multistream, and multipoint, among others — over a simple LAN/Ethernet cable (Cat5e/6) for up to 100 meters/328 feet. In addition, HDBaseT is a technology with zero latency and high resistance to electromagnetic noise in order to maintain the highest quality in uncompressed high-definition video.

Still, it was just a matter of time before motion-picture and television engineers looked at it as a viable and economical option for cameras (robotic and PTZ) and projectors, video walls, computer video cards, and control room displays. During this webcast, participants will learn how HDBaseT can support high-definition uncompressed quality, simplify operations, maximize performance, and potentially lower costs. The webcast’s presenter, Eyran Lida, is chief technology officer and co-founder of Valens. He also co-chairs the Technical Committee of the HDBaseT Alliance, an organization formed in 2010 to advance and promote the adoption of HDBaseT technology as the global standard for high-definition, digital connectivity. Today the Alliance has more than 100 members, and hundreds of products are HDBaseT-enabled.