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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

High Dynamic Range Intermediate: Challenges and Considerations

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content promises a significant, aesthetically pleasing enhancement of the viewing experience. It also requires that several key questions be answered. For instance: How can an HDR master be created? How do we approach the new perceptual challenges of HDR? What information will be known only at the final display?

Please join SMPTE and Oscar winning guest speaker Gary Demos, CEO and founder of Image Essence LLC as he answers to these questions and more!


Guest Speaker: Gary Demos, Image Essence LLC

Gary Demos is the recipient of the 2005 Gordon E. Sawyer Oscar for lifetime technical achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He has pioneered in the development of computer generated images for use in motion pictures, and in digital film scanning and recording. He was a founder of Digital Productions (1982-1986), Whitney-Demos Productions (1986-1988), and DemoGraFX (1988-2003). He is currently involved in digital motion picture camera technology and digital moving image compression. Gary is CEO and founder of Image Essence LLC, which is developing wide-dynamic-range codec technology based upon a combination of wavelets, optimal filters, and flowfields.