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IEEE BTS Webcast: Technology for Reliable Transport Over Unreliable Networks

Original Airdate: 13 May 2020 12:00pm EDT



IP Audio Codec technology for reliable transport over unreliable networks is a class designed to educate attendees about the world of IP Audio Codecs for Broadcast Applications. This class will give attendees the foundations of IP Audio, IP Audio Transport over a LAN / WAN, as well as the keys to reliable audio transport for Broadcast-Critical applications. 

Key topics will include: 

·         Relationship between network speed, audio compression, and latency 

·         Choosing the right audio compression algorithm for your given application 

·         Error correction technology available to insure secure and reliable audio transport 

·         Key technologies available for broadcasting Dante, MADI, AES 67, AES/EBU using your existing internet connection 

·         Cost-effective solutions available for Remote Broadcasting, STL, SSL, DVB Audio, and Web Radio 

This presentation will look into the advantages each technology has to offer, what they are, where and how they are used, and answer any questions the participants have. 

Guest Speaker: Derek Badala

DerekDerek Badala is an industry veteran with 26 years of Pro Audio, Broadcast, and MI experience. His past employment as chief audio engineer, audio-for-TV, business owner, product manager, sales manager, and sales director have given him insights to the Pro Audio Industry few have experienced. From the Military and Broadcast sectors as well as equipment manufacturing, marketing, and sales, Derek has made many notable contributions to our industry. Currently Badala is Director of Sales of Synthax USA whose brands include RME, Digigram, Ferrofish, Alva, and myMix. He is a detailed energetic presenter who loves quality audio and enjoys educating professionals on audio solutions. Derek is also passionate about family, fun, and boating.

*BTS/SMPTE disclaimer that the webcast is offered for educational purposes only. Views and opinions expressed are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent opinions of BTS or SMPTE. Reference to specific companies, products, or services, does not represent promotion, recommendation, or endorsement by BTS and SMPTE.