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IEEE BTS Webcast: Viable Deterministic 5G System Model

Viable Deterministic 5G System Model 

Recently, there are increasing studies in deterministic 5G, in both academia and industry. It is stated that “5G deterministic network is based on Cloud-Native and distributed architecture, leveraging key technologies such as heterogeneous MEC and dynamic intelligent Network Slicing, to meet differentiated network requirements and deterministic SLA commitments through a single cloud, enabling thousands of industries” (Jacqueline Shi, MWC, Shanghai, June, 2019). 

However, a viable system model is lacking to conceptually summarize key features of deterministic 5G network. Viable system model (VSM) for organization has been utilized to manage networking complexity (Ling Ling Sun, Jun 17, 2019, TVTechnology). Using a similar approach, a viable deterministic 5G system model (VD5GSM) is proposed in this presentation. VD5GSM inherits the recursive structure of VSM, therefore a system of systems (SoS). In this SoS, centralized management and distributed architecture are unified in a simple form. Subsidiarity, as an organizing principle, reduces system latency. Intelligence, as a system in VD5GSM, exists across all levels. Through knowledge, learning, and evaluation, three basic functions of Intelligence, a system becomes dynamic, adaptive, viable, and deterministic defined by Policy. 


Guest Speaker: Ling Ling Sun

Ling Ling Sun is Assistant General Manager Technology/Chief Technology Officer of NET (Nebraska’s PBS & NPR stations), a state network that offers multi-platform communication services to the citizens of Nebraska, through over the air, on demand, online services, and live streaming.
Using viable system model as a tool, Ling Ling Sun leads NET technology transformation. Ling Ling led her team successfully completed and embarked many projects, such as KYNE TV relocation, diversity paths for terrestrial signal delivery, implementation of Radio metadata broadcasting which also provide geo-targeted tornado warning to statewide audiences (with NPR), and NET Network Management and Control System (NMCS). 
Before moving to NET, Ling Ling Sun served as TV Chief Engineer at WOSU Public Media. Her major contributions at WOSU were analog to digital transition and a state of the art multimedia production studio project: WOSU@COSI. Prior to her work at WOSU, Ling Ling Sun worked in a commercial news station CHCH, KWSU, and was a deputy chief of Heilongjing provincial TV station. 
From 2013 to 2018, Ling Ling was Chair of PBS ETAC (Public Broadcasting Service Engineering Technology Advisory Committee), and a member of PBS Interconnection Committee. 

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