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NAB Show 2023

Networking Fundamentals for ST 2110 and Internet Streaming

Networking is increasingly important throughout the broadcast chain. This webcast picks out the fundamentals that underpin SMPTE ST 2110 and that help deliver video streaming services. We’ll piece them together and explain how they work, leaving you with more confidence in talking about and working with technologies such as multicast video and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). 


Guest Speaker: Russell Trafford-Jones (C)

Russell Trafford-Jones is a broadcast engineer with wide-reaching experience within the industry running and designing broadcast infrastructure throughout the chain. As part of the management team at video-over-IP specialists Techex, he works daily with customers designing and supporting networks for contribution and distribution. 

Russell’s passion for education shows in his work as an executive member of IET Media Technical Network and as the editor of TheBroadcastKnowledge.com – an RTS-nominated site that features a new educational video every day to help engineers throughout the industry keep on top of new technologies and ways of working.