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News in the age of the Pandemic

Using social media and cloud tools to keep the news flowing
Original Airdate: 
16 Apr 2020 1:00pm EDT

We are living in unprecedented times.  Broadcasters have had to deploy, in a matter of hours and days, a remote work infrastructure for the vast majority of their staff, causing a significant burden on systems that were not designed for this. 

In this webcast, production media architect and SMPTE instructor Pierre (Pete) Routhier, Eng. M.Eng., looks at how news organizations can leverage off-the-shelf social media and cloud-based solutions to keep delivering quality content in a timely fashion to their audiences without taxing their already heavily burdened infrastructure.




Guest Speaker: 
Pierre Routhier

Former Aerospace Engineer Pierre Hugues Routhier, Eng., M.Eng., is a specialist in advanced imaging technologies. He has developed innovative solutions and workflows for studios and post-production facilities in all fields of advanced imaging: ultra-high resolution, high frame rate, VR/AR, HDR, etc... Routhier is credited with more than a dozen patents related to advanced imaging, is published in several industry papers and provides training to studios, manufacturers and broadcasters worldwide. His latest book, the Digital Troublemaker Guide to HDR, has quickly become an industry reference on HDR for broadcast and motion pictures.