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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Next Generation Display Interfaces

As the transition from analog to digital signal interfacing runs its course, there are still a few laggards like the 27-year-old VGA display connector. But it’s very much on the endangered species list as HDMI and DisplayPort become more entrenched. That’s not the whole story, though: The next generation of display interfaces is faster, denser, and smaller. They can carry multiple signals (video, audio, control, Ethernet) and some versions accomplish this with just five pins!

With UHDTV looming, the display interface is a critical part of the chain – and perhaps the weakest link. This seminar will discuss the updates to HDMI and DisplayPort and also take a closer look at “micro” versions of each connector and the different signal formats they support. We’ll also run a few calculations to see if HDMI and DisplayPort are really fast enough to support more pixels, faster clock rates, and increased bit depths; all key to implementation of UHD-1 and UHD-2 display systems. And we’ll wrap things up with a discussion of display/audio/control signal multiplexing over structured wire systems.