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NAB Show 2023

Private Cloud, What Is It and Why You Should Care

Original Air Date: Thursday 12 August 2021 | 1:00 PM (EDT)

Not that long ago, data and workloads lived on-prem.  IT consisted of siloed departments like networking, security, servers/VMs, storage, all trying to keep the infrastructure running so creatives had a reliable environment to run their workflows.  The last decade saw the emergence of the hyper-scale public clouds and a large migration of data and workloads into the public cloud.  At first it was done for perceived cost-saving. When the cost saving did not materialize, the justification was the convenience of the cloud.  This is largely still true today.  However, as a company scales and the amount of data grows, the cloud tax becomes a huge drain on the company's bottom line.  Talks are underway that the next wave of data migration will be the repatriation back on-prem.  Tremendous amounts of data are still being generated outside of the public cloud.  The next generation of on-prem infrastructure cannot be the same IT infrastructure from where this saga began.  Some of the conveniences of cloud must be brought back on-prem to satisfy emerging workflows and technologies.  What makes cloud?  What turns a bunch of servers and storage into a cloud?  Who will benefit from private and hybrid cloud?  These are some of the topics we will explore in this presentation. 


Speaker Frank Yang

undefined-1Frank Yang is co-founder and CTO of Platina Systems. Platina Systems specializes in transforming on-premises assets into private cloud.  Frank’s responsibility includes exploring the role of on-premises infrastructure in the era of hyper scale public clouds, and what lies beyond in the future for workloads and workflows.  Frank holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.  In the last 25 years, Frank has been leading technology innovation at companies such as Ciena, Foundry Networks, Brocade, and Platina Systems. Frank’s field of expertise ranges from optical communication, switching and routing, storage area networks, and cloud infrastructure and management.

Speaker Tab Butler

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 9-17-28 AM-pngTab Butler is an Emmy Award winning media and entertainment consultant specializing in Media Management, Workflow Orchestration, and Software Development for Digital and Linear Content Production and Distribution. With extensive experience in Live Production, Studio, and Post-Production, as well as Business Development and Sales, he helps media organizations adopt advanced technologies. 
Tab's most recent experience includes 12 years as the Senior Director of Media Management and Post-Production at MLB Network where he worked closely with executive leadership to design, develop, and deploy original file-based infrastructure of MLB Network’s launch in 2009. Tab managed, developed, expanded, and adopted new technologies, leading the marketplace with state-of-the-art post-production and media management technologies and workflow advancements at MLB Network.  Tab is a recognized leader in the industry. He participates in SMPTE, NATAS, HPA, and SVG, and chairs the Sports Content Management Committee of the SVG.