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NAB Show 2023

Reliable, Live Contribution over the Internet

The internet is being increasingly utilized for full-bandwidth contribution into traditional program making. Whilst bandwidth is getting easier to acquire, getting all the packets still isn’t. Technologies such as RIST and SRT allow the safe delivery of live, low-latency streams into your production environment. This webcast explains in detail how they work and what to watch out for.


Guest Speaker: Russell Trafford-Jones


Russell Trafford-Jones is a broadcast engineer with wide-reaching experience within the broadcast industry. As someone who insists on understanding things from ‘the bottom up’, his work in control rooms, systems design and fault analysis has always been deeply technical both at the BBC and in Systems Integration. Russell currently sits on the management team at UK-based video-over-IP specialists Techex, applying his knowledge of codec testing and streaming solutions to develop new services, champion internet delivery and building class-leading customer support. Russell is also the editor of TheBroadcastKnowledge.com - an RTS-nominated site providing access to daily educational videos for engineers throughout the industry to keep on top of new technologies and ways of working