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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

ST 429-18 Immersive Cinema Track File and 429-19 Immersive DCP constraints

Building on the work done in 25CSS to create the Immersive Audio Bitstream Essence (SMPTE ST 2098-2) published last year, work was continued in 21DC to create standards based on current practice for packaging and distributing DCPs that contained the 2098-2 Essence. The DCP needed to be functional with existing deployed systems, while also maintaining backward compatibility with existing Dolby ATMOS content and rendering systems. Work was done to create a track file (ST 429-18) that would be compatible with a DCinema CPL (ST 429-7), and concurrently, to create additional constraints for Immersive Audio DCPs (ST 429-19) that would be used in addition to, and maintaining compliance with, current DCP Operation Constraints (ST 429-2). This webcast will explore those topics in depth. ​


Guest Speaker:  Steve LLamb

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Steve LLamb is currently the VP, Media Technology Standards at Deluxe. Over the past 15 years during his time at both Deluxe and Technicolor, he has been heavily involved in the development and rollout of concepts, workflows, and standards for both DCinema and IMF mastering, packaging, exhibition, distribution, and key management. He helped manage the global alignment all of Deluxe’s processes for DCinema delivery, including launching their global proprietary Mastering and Packaging toolset currently in use, CIPHER. He serves as a top-level SME for both Deluxe’s internal personal and Hollywood clients, as well as within various industry standards organizations and technology committees, such as SMPTE and ISDCF. He is a current co-chair of SMPTE 21DC (Digital Cinema), and chair of the Immersive Audio Drafting Group in 21DC. His prior experience was in multiple areas of Post Production and Media, such as Film & Audio Editing, Image Processing & Compression, VFX, Audio Recording & Mixing, Multimedia, and Web & Graphic Design. Having always been obsessed with rapidly evolving technology and photography, he also holds a degree in Computer Animation.