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    What is Immersive Audio and why is it so cool?

    August 9, 2018 12:00 AM

    What is Immersive Audio and why is it so cool?

    Speaker: Brian Vessa

    Original Airdate: 9 August 2018

    With all manners of entertainment using the moniker “immersive”, what does this mean with regard to audio? Since the introduction of immersive audio to the cinema, SMPTE has been working to create standards to foster interoperability between the many variations of playback systems and the many variations in mixing tools. A number of standards documents have been created that address different aspects of the problem.  

    This webcast will describe what immersive audio is, why it is so cool, and what makes it vital to the industry. We will take a deep dive into ST 2098-1, which defines immersive audio metadata, and is the first document in the suite of SMPTE immersive audio standards.

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