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Standards Meeting Outcome Summary 10-10-2019

Catch up on the headline standards from SMPTE including ST 2110 and IMF. You'll also find out about the strong work being done in the many of the committees that continues to bring new standards into being that cover compression, time labeling, high dynamic range, immersive audio, lighting similarity, metadata and MXF. This quarter you'll also hear from our Standards Vice President Bruce Devlin about reference code in SMPTE and learn how software methodologies are being used to improve SMPTE's responsiveness and document processes.


Guest Speaker: Bruce Devlin

Bruce Devlin square_0-jpgBruce Devlin has been working in the media industry for 30 years and is the chief media scientist at Dalet Digital Media Systems as well as the founder of Mr MXF Ltd. and co-founder of the Media Bay LLC. He is well known in the industry for his technology presentations, especially his educational YouTube series—Bruce’s Shorts. Devlin has designed everything from ASICs to algorithms. He tweets as @MrMXF chaired the SMPTE working groups and literally wrote the book on the MXF format. Devlin is an alumnus of Queens’ College Cambridge England. He is a member of the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) and Digital Production Partnership, a fellow and U.K. Governor of SMPTE, a recipient of SMPTE’s David Sarnoff Medal, a recipient of BKSTS’ Achievement award, keen to educate the world about media and a rider of bicycles (occasionally quickly). Devlin is also a recipient of the SMPTE Excellence in Standards award.