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Low-Latency Live Streaming
Original Airdate: 
19 Nov 2019 1:00pm EST

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Live video streaming over the internet is a big growth area for the broadcasters and OTT services alike. Broadcasters are expected to have live streams at a similar latency to their broadcasts and pure-streaming services see matching the latency of over-the-air broadcasters as another way to prove their legitimacy and further swing viewing over to the internet. Work continues apace in developing technologies which can deliver ultra-low latency, we look at how it can be achieved, what the status is of those projects and how well they stack up in real life

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Guest Speaker: 
Russell Trafford-Jones

Russell Trafford-Jones is a broadcast engineer with wide-reaching experience within the broadcast industry. As someone who insists on understanding things from ‘the bottom up’, his work in control rooms, systems design and fault analysis have always been deeply technical both at the BBC and in Systems Integration. Russell currently sits on the management team at UK-based video-over-IP specialists Techex, applying his knowledge of codec testing and streaming solutions to develop new services, champion internet delivery and building class-leading customer support. Russell is also the editor of - an RTS-nominated site providing access to daily educational videos for engineers throughout the industry to keep on top of new technologies and ways of working.