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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

New criteria to measure HDR image quality

The High Dynamic Range image container is much wider than classic HDTV and DCI containers, allowing content creators to display much more luminance information than was previously possible.  Does content take advantage of this new format?  It depends on many factors, including the conditions in which it is shot.

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In this SMPTE Technology Series webcast, image specialist Pierre (Pete) Routhier suggests four criteria by which one may judge whether images take full advantage of HDR and apply those criteria to a variety asset types, i.e. , talk shows, dramatic series, movies, etc., to help assess their potential to amaze viewers with HDR.

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Pete Headshot[2]Guest Speaker: Pierre Routhier

Former Aerospace Engineer Pierre Hugues Routhier, Eng., MEng., is a specialist in advanced imaging technologies. He has developed innovative solutions and workflows for studios and post-production facilities in all fields of advanced imaging: ultra-high resolution, high frame rate, VR/AR, HDR, etc... Routhier is credited with more than a dozen patents related to advanced imaging, is published in several industry papers and provides training studios, manufacturers and broadcasters worldwide. His latest book, the Digital Troublemaker Guide to HDR, has quickly become an industry reference on HDR for broadcast and motion pictures.