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    The Future of Cinema: It Lives in a Cave in the Woods

    June 16, 2020 01:00 PM

    The Making of It Lives in a Cave in the Woods

    When we think of the future cinema, those of us in the industry are most often focused on the technology landscape, or how to cultivate new ideas & opportunities in storytelling. Cinema’s future, however, lies with the filmmakers & technologists yet to come: the ones who will lead cinema into its next generation. This session will dig into the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of a group of young filmmakers from UNLV - how they see the industry, what the future of cinema looks like to them, and how their own filmmaking experiences shape those views. Join us as we explore the true Future of Cinema! 

    Guest Speaker: 
    Cynthia Slavens, Director – Studio Mastering & Operations Pixar Animation Studios

    If you’ve seen a Pixar movie in the last decade, you’ve seen & heard the work of Cynthia Slavens and her team in Pixar’s Mastering & Operations department. Responsible for the creation of all in-progress and final deliverables for Pixar’s films, Slavens and her team have supported the creative & technical production teams on Incredibles 2, Coco, Cars 3, Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Monsters University, Brave, Cars 2, Toy Story 4, and the upcoming releases Onward, and Soul. Prior to moving into the Director of Studio Mastering & Operations role in 2010, Slavens was a Post Production Supervisor for Pixar, having started at the studio in 2006.


    Guest Speaker: 
    Cassidy Rotschenk-Kaliski - Assistant Director

    Cassidy Rotschenk-Kaliski is a senior at UNLV working towards her B.A. in Film. Her area of focus is assistant directing. During her time at university, she has worked on 10 student projects as an AD, and was fortunate to be a part of UNLV's Regal Coca Cola film, "The Big Wish." Outside of university, she has experience working on feature films, music videos, and a reality show. Cassidy looks forward to being an AD on more projects. 

    Guest Speaker: 
    Mikayla Viloria - Director and Writer  

    Mikayla Viloria is a Las Vegas native and is a Spring 2020 graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Film. She made her directorial debut May of 2019 with her film DROP. She also graduated from Las Vegas Academy of The Arts with an Art major and Film minor. She was selected to attend Nationals for SkillsUSA in which she took 4th place of 33 teams in Louisville, Kentucky. She also produced 2 films for the 2019 Del Sol Lab which both screened at the Las Vegas Film Festival.

    Guest Speaker: 
    Sylvia San Jose - Producer 

    Sylvia San Jose is a Junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Film. Sylvia has worked on numerous student films during her time at UNLV. Sylvia is working towards a career within the film industry and hopes to further produce and direct films that pushes forward diversity and inclusion both on and off screen. 

    Guest Speaker: 
    Audrey Page - Production Designer 

    Audrey Page is a UNLV Alumni with a B.S. in Graphic Design and a B.A. in Film. During her time at UNLV she concentrated her efforts in production design. Of the films she has been Production Designer on at UNLV: Pawn Power and A Christmas Dinner (shown in The American Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival) have been the most widely recognized. Since graduation she has gained outside experience through numerous PA and Art Department jobs. Of all the projects she has been a part of since graduation the ones that showcase her work as a Production Designer are, Inspirada 5 Billion Star Dining campaign and EA Sports NHL 20 Campaign. 

    Guest Speaker: 
    Sean Singer - Director of Photography  

    Sean Singer is a recently graduated film student from UNLV. Born & raised in Las Vegas he specializes in cinematography and works in the camera department as a cam assistant & operator. He has experience working in the professional circuit with credits on Discovery Channel, HGTV, & ABC. He also works as a focus puller with credits on multiple feature films, shorts, & music videos. During his time at unlv he shot over 15 student projects as a cinematographer and looks forward towards the future, on pursuing visual storytelling as a career in the film industry.  

    Guest Speaker: 
    Ryan Balaz - Producer 

    Ryan Balaz is senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, currently pursuing his BFA in Journalism and Media studies. With a passion for filmmaking and media, Ryan has worked on over 10+ student films at UNLV, and multiple media campaigns for local non profits He has also directed live sporting events for UNLV Hockey and TopReign Boxing Events Inc. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his family, hang out with friends and of course go to the movies.