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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

UHD Color-Conversion Challenges

The introduction of a wide color gamut (WCG) color space in ultra-high-definition (UHD) creates a need to match colors produced for WCG UHD displays with colors for conventional HDTV displays.

Discover if color-conversion methods mandated by the current television standards produce a good color match when converting colors from the HD to the UHD color space.

Join SMPTE and Lars Borg to  find out more about common color-conversion errors and how display-referred colorimetry may be used for effective color matching.


Lars_Borg_wc_2016Guest Speaker: Lars Borg, Adobe

Lars Borg is a Principal Scientist in Digital Video and Audio Engineering at Adobe. Borg, who joined Adobe in 1989, develops solutions and standards in the areas of high dynamic range (HDR) video, wide color gamut, Ultra-High Definition TV, digital cinema, color management, video compression, and holds over 30 patents in related areas. Borg was a key contributor in developing the Academy Color Encoding System, created the CinemaDNG format, is active in standards committees at SMPTE, and ICC, and is the chairman of a SMPTE group on Dynamic Metadata for Color Transforms. Borg received his M.Sc.EE from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.