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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

UHD-SDI - Enabling the Transport of UHD/4K Over Existing In-Plant Infrastructure

Today’s studio infrastructure uses an HD-SDI coaxial cable to carry a single uncompressed baseband signal of up to 3 Gb/s for 1080p60 image formats. With the advent of UHD/4K production, a 4x to 8x increase in overall bandwidth is required to realize the substantial improvements in image quality that comes with higher resolution; higher frame rate; wider color gamut and higher dynamic range of UHDTV compared to today’s HDTV production.

This increased bandwidth would normally require four or even eight HD-SDI cables, but progress in technology development and standardization allows UHD/4K and even 8K signals to operate over existing electrical and optical SDI infrastructure at 6Gb/s, 12Gb/s and even 24Gb/s, without the need for mezzanine compression.

Please join guest speaker John Hidson, Semtech as he helps webcast participants learn about the progress of UHD-SDI standardization in SMPTE, the physical layer requirements and performance expectations of UHD-SDI and will also hear some practical advice on designing, installing, testing and operating reliable UHD-SDI infrastructures at 6Gb/s, 12Gb/s and even 24Gb/s.


Guest Speaker: John Hudson, Director Strategic Technology and New Business Development, Semtech Corporation


John Hudson has spent 28 years in the broadcast industry beginning his career as a design engineer at Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe. He joined Gennum in 1999 and has been instrumental in developing the company's video and multi-media semiconductor business.

As an active member of SMPTE and a SMPTE Fellow, Hudson serves as Chair of the 32NF40 Working Group on SDI Mapping & Interfaces and is also Chair of the 32NF70 6G SDI drafting group. He is the author of several SMPTE Standards, and actively contributes to the development of real-time streaming media interfaces for video and D-Cinema production.

Hudson was actively involved in the formation and development of the HDcctv Alliance™ and as chair of the technology committee, was responsible for the development of all standards and compliance testing programs.

He attained a HND in Electronics and communications engineering from the Farnborough College of Technology in 1988, is the author of 10 patents on video processing and signal integrity solutions for multi-media applications and regularly contributes technical papers and presentations to seminars and technology events in both broadcast and CCtv industries.