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Architecting Live Production Solutions in the Cloudwebcast-powering-whats-next-event-series

Architecting Live Production Solutions in the Cloud

SMPTE Powering What's Next event series featuring Claire Southey and Kari Grubin who will discuss why cloud is important to live production workflow.

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Faced with accelerating change, broadcasters and media producers are turning to cloud technologies to enable live production workflows that are more agile, flexible, and opex-driven. In this 60-minute session, Kari Grubin, a senior entertainment industry executive, and Claire Southey of AWS will discuss the key technical considerations for architecting live production systems in the cloud. Claire will discuss the state of the technology, survey the benefits that cloud promises to bring to live production and describe architectural patterns for cloud video contribution, live video compute, application deployment, and performance optimization.


Guest Speaker:  Host - Kari Grubin

Kari_1 Kari Grubin has spent the past 20 years leading and managing studio divisions, global post-production facilities, corporate departments, and groups within trade organizations. Her strong record of technical operations supervision and confident, insightful leadership of creative teams led to her most recent position as Vice President of Mastering for Studio Operations at The Walt Disney Studios, where she developed a long-term strategic vision for mastering across the title lifecycle. In that role, Kari served technical lead and key contributor for content specification development and master asset delivery for all distribution windows, resolving planning conflicts, version control and general performance in mastering. Kari serves on the board of the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), where she is also the chair of Women in Post Committee. In 2016, she co-created the Young Entertainment Professionals Program (YEP) at the HPA, which has provided outreach and mentoring to over 100 young leaders in the entertainment industry. She is an active member of SMPTE.


Guest Speaker:  Claire Southey

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 4.29.37 PM-1 As a cloud transformation specialist at AWS, Claire helps global media companies to accelerate innovation and increase agility by leveraging cloud technology. Prior to AWS, Claire led teams responsible for strategy and execution in all areas of media, broadcast technology, OTT, sportscasting, and emerging video tech over a career spanning more than 22 years.  She has delivered live pictures from conflict zones and led sportscasting teams at several Olympics and FIFA World Cups.  She holds a Master in Information Technology Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Professional Doctorate of Law.